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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lonely Bird

I just happened to pass by this lonely bird when I hurriedly catch up for the metro, but unfortunately wasn't able to make it so I took the chance to have him on the camera.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Amsterdam main train station is the real heart of the city - central not only by the name, but also as the biggest public transport transfer spot, serving not only visitors to Amsterdam, but also city inhabitants. Every day 250 0000 people go through the Amsterdam Central Station (Dutch: Amsterdam Centraal or shortly: CS). If you are arriving in Amsterdam by train, it's likely that your journey will terminate at Amsterdam Central Station. From there it is simple to complete your journey with public transport or taxi. If you are traveling from another station in the Netherlands, it's also possible that you can choose another Amsterdam train station nearer your accommodation.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Image that Relaxes

What a quiet moment to while away all of life's stressors.

Scenic Sunday

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Pelicans

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red Light

Red Light District covers a large area of the oldest part of the city. The buildings are tall, thin and crowd together, overlooking the tree lined canals. It is located just south (10 minutes walking) of Central Station, the main train station. It consists of theaters, shops, museums, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and of course the famous windows (about 250) with sexy girls, dressed in eye-popping underwear. And window-shopping, performed by both sexes is a favorite activity in the Red Light District.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Scene

Sunday is the best time for me to spend on nature to renew myself from all stresses in life.

Scenic Sunday

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Friends

I used to feed them everytime I jog along Gaasper Park in Gaasperplas, Amsterdam.

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Ride Me

This is a typical bicycle park on side of canal in Amsterdam.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wooden Footwear

One of the most original items to take back home from Amsterdam are clogs, Holland's traditional wooden shoes. Clogs date as far back as 1367, probably even older, and have been worn as daily footwear ever since. In Holland's wet and cold climate, only clogs will keep your feet dry and warm at all times. And they're more comfortable than you would think! Dutch clogs are available in many tourist shops. Wearing clogs is considered to be healthy for the feet. Though there are some Dutch who don't use clogs anymore for everyday use, but clogs are still used by people working in their gardens, and by planters.

Clogs are made of balsa-white poplar wood. The trees are especially grown for this purpose. For a perfect pair of clogs you need fresh, wet wood, cut in square blocks. The wood is then chopped and smoothed in the right shape. To last a long time, finished clogs are painted. Traditional clogs are painted yellow with a red pattern. Each village used to have its own pattern. Clogs for daily wear are still yellow and red and souvenir clogs are painted in a large variety of patterns and colors, varying from flowers to entire street scenes.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

State Museum

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam or Rijksmuseum (English: State Museum) is a Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, located on the Museumplein. The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art.

The museum was founded in 1800 in The Hague to exhibit the collections of the Dutch stadholders. It was inspired by French example. By then it was known as the National Art Gallery (Dutch: Nationale Kunst-Gallerij). In 1808 the museum moved to Amsterdam on the orders of king Louis Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. The paintings owned by that city, such as The Night Watch by Rembrandt, became part of the collection.

This is one of Johannes Vermeer paintings in Rijksmuseum, a Milk Maid portrait. Other collections found in Rijksmuseum are the works of Jacob Van Ruysdael, Frans Hals and Rembrandt.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bijlmer Railway Station

Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA (Asb) is a railway station in the Bijlmermeer neighbourhood of the Amsterdam Zuidoost stadsdeel (borough) of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The station has five platforms and eight tracks; two for the Amsterdam Metro and six train tracks, along with a bus station. Originally opened on May 24, 1971, the station has been rebuilt twice. In July 2007, a large part of the rebuilding was completed and on November 17, 2007 the station was fully opened. The new station was designed by Grimshaw Architects of London in association with Arcadis Architecten. The station arches over the ArenA Boulevard. The complex is almost 100 metres (330 ft) long, 70 m (230 ft) wide, and 30 m (98 ft) tall. It is mostly transparent, to blend in with the rest of the Boulevard. The metro lines that stop at this station are Metroline 54 (Amsterdam Centraal - Gein) and Metroline 50 (Isolatorweg - Gein). The movements and speed of passing trains characterize the expressive image of this new trains station. Inclined columns, sharp edges and large slanting rays of sunlight that come through the glass roofs. Everyting seems to be slurped along with the velocity of the trains.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This innovative museum designed by Renzo Piano in the shape of the bow of a ship was mistakenly identified by many folks as warehouse. However, inside, it offers an excursion into the realms of science and technology, boasting interactive exhibits and displays on energy, the human body, creativity, engineering and genetics. As knowledge expands in the world, so do the exhibits. Although the emphasis here is clearly on fun, but some of the exhibits, such as that of a pickled animal fetus in a jar, might not be suitable for younger children. A generous rooftop terrace also invites museum-goers and sightseers to gaze across the city from a lofty vantage point.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Typical buildings and houses of Amsterdam.

Park It Right

Amsterdam has many parking bicycles to park their bicycles. Leaving it on the street, you better use a thick chain and a hardened steel lock, because the theft of a bicycle is not regarded in Amsterdam as a real crime. It is more like not giving back the book to the library, or borrowing somebody's umbrella when it rains. Each year, tens of thousands of bicycles just vanish from the streets of Amsterdam in an inexplicable way. Certainly - some of them are resold or exported, but not as many as it may seem. Some people say the ones that disappear, all land on the bottom of the Amsterdam canals, stolen for a day or two and later thrown into the water.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Most Visited

One of the most visited museums in Amsterdam. Van Gogh museum contains the largest collection of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh in the world. It provides the opportunity to keep track of the artist's developments, or compare his paintings to works by other artists from the 19th century in the collection. The museum also holds an extensive offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th-century art history.

Paint Of Life

Vincent van Gogh painted a lot of self-portraits, experimenting with various techniques and approaches (and saving money on a model!). Many, including this one, are not finished to the same level of detail throughout, but are psychologically powerful nonetheless. Van Gogh's style of self-portrait (the poses, the intense brushwork, the introspective expression) influenced the portraits created by Expressionist painters such as Emil Nolde, Erich Heckel, and Lovis Corinth.

Vincent van Gogh believed that "Painted portraits have a life of their own, something that comes from the roots of the painter's soul, which a machine cannot touch. The more often people look at photos, the more they will feel this, it seems to me."
(Letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother, Theo van Gogh, from Antwerp, c.15 December 1885.)

This self-portrait is in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which opened in 1973. The museum holds some 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 letters by Van Gogh, as well as his personal collection of Japanese prints. The works originally belonged to Vincent's brother Theo (1857-1891), then passed to his wife, and then her son, Vincent Willem van Gogh (1890-1978). In 1962 he transferred the works to the Vincent van Gogh Foundation, where they form the nucleus of the Van Gogh Museum's collection.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hang Out Area

Leiden Square is near Central Station of Amsterdam where people comes hanging out with friends. Busy street.

Flower Shop

This is Singel Market in Amsterdam where you can shop different kinds of tulips and all other flowers found in The Netherlands.

Scenic Sunday


Dutch old woman with her dog in Vondel Park, Amsterdam

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Not Tough Job

His job is to drive passengers around Dam, Amsterdam, not tough huh.

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